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Red Terracotta Hand Painted Vase

(SKU ID: CSMD2705 )

Rs. 450


Here is a handcrafted terracotta vase with a contemporary design. It has a unique tumbler shape and is hand painted in red. It has a Warli art patchwork with contrasting colours of white, blue and red. The white coloured strip at the top and bottom has a beautiful design. The neck of the vase is coloured in yellow. This beautiful vase will definitely add to the beauty of your living space.

This lovely piece of art on the terracotta Flower vase with the Warli designs indicates man's harmony with each other and with nature show a wonderful relationship on the vase. This uniquely designed handcrafted vase will look very nice at the corner of the room. Delicate hand craftz from the tribal areas of Rajasthan. A must buy for the art lovers.


Width : 12cm

Height : 22cm