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Red Lucky Seed (Manjadikuru) Gift Online

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This is a bowl of manjadiuru, "The Magical little Red Seeds". It can be a unique and nostalgic gift to your loved ones. These seeds are used for the 'Alagulimane/Mancala', the oldest classic board game. The seeds are small, shiny, red round or slightly heart shaped.

There is a myth beleived that it contains 12 white tiny elephants, considered lucky for a dozen wishes. There is a famous Krishna tempe in Guruvayoor, Kerala  keep these tiny red seeds in big vesseles(Uruli) near the entrance.It is beleived that the devotee who places his hands in it and stir through the seeds three times is cured all the diseases and gains prosperity.

The botanical name of this tree is Adenanthera pavonina, which is commonly called coral tree, red sandal wood, red bead tree and necklace tree. This is also called Circassian seeds and Jumbie beads.

The weight of the seeds are uniform and hence in olden days, it was used to weigh precious metals and diamonds. These seeds are used to make jewellery and rosaries.

Even after decades the seeds retain their color and shine.

This seeds can be germinated only by scratching or boiled for a minute or dipped in sulpuric acid.