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Coconut Planter - Organic Orchid Planter - Earthen Echo Planter

(SKU ID: XR97DCE32C0 )

Rs. 390


This is a complete coconut products, where the planter and the hanging thread made up of coconut husk and coir.

A pure handmade product which  satisfies an organic, vintage, earthen, handicraft, mindset.

This is an elegant piece of decor to your garden, balcony or even indoor. The varnished coat in the outer layer of the planter gives a shine and which protect it from any other fungal growth and decay of the product.

The inner part of this contains the cocopeat in it and thus any plant can survive for many days without water, This is a life saver for those who are in vacation, and having lot of plants at home.

This is best for orchid plants which gives a good result as the planter itself have enough nourishment in it.

This totally gives an  earthen vintage look to your garden. Make your garden unique with the  traditional planters and save water too.