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Bamboo Puttu Maker - Bamboo Steamer | Puttu Kutti | Baans Rasoi Ke Bartan

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Bamboo Steamer
is a type of cookware made of bamboo and used to cook food with the use of steam.

Bamboo Puttu Maker can keep above the boiler (stemer,cooker) so that the food is positioned above and not in water. Food will cook with a moist hot steam. 
Steaming enables foods to keep their natural flavor, color, shape, and nutritious value better than when boiled or simmered in water.

You can place this Puttu Maker on the nozzle of a Pressure Cooker with enough water. Use the bamboo stick to push the cooked puttu from the steamer.
You can perfectly cook your layered dum biriyani in this, which is called mula dum biriyani and the mula(bamboo) will enhance the taste of the biriyani.

Care instructions:- Soak the Bamboo Puttu Maker (Bamboo Steamer) in water before use. 

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Puttu Recipe Ingredients

  • Rice flour - 1 cup
  • Salt - 1/4 tsp
  • Water - 1/2 cup
  • grated coconut 1/2 cup

Puttu Preparation Method

Firstly Take a bowl and mix the rice flour and salt well.

Now add ¼ cup water and crumble the flour.

Add water in batches and mix well with your fingertips.

Continue add water until the flour hold its shape when its pressed and needs to break on furthur pressing. Dont add too much water.

The flour should be moist with crumbly texture. Make sure that your flour has no lumps.

Now take our bamboo puttu maker and put the lid with several holes and start layering the puttu. 

First, put 2 tbsp of fresh grated coconut followed by 3 tbsp of puttu flour. Again layer with 2 tbsp of coconut, 3 tbsp of puttu flour. 

Finally, add 2 tbsp coconut and level it up.

Close the bamboo puttu maker (cylindrical tube) slightly and steam for 5 minutes or till the steam escapes from top of puttu kutty (cylindrical tube).

carefully open it and push the puttu using a wooden stick from the back.

finally, serve the puttu along with kadala curry or even with ripened banana or papad.

Bamboo Puttu Biryani Recipe

Prepare rice and masala seperately according to your taste.

Now take the bamboo puttu maker and layer the masala and rice alternately and steam it for 5- 10 minutes as mentioned above for puttu recipe. 

The bamboo steaming will give the biryani a very special, authentic flavour to it. Now, the biryani is ready to serve..!